Our Dairy

Katy Rodger’s multi-award winning Artisan Dairy produce a range of natural dairy products using whole milk from our herd of outdoor grazing British Friesian cattle. The cattle are all born and raised on our farm so that we can guarantee full provenance, health and well being of every cow as well as every litre of milk produced. Our emphasis has always been on quality of milk rather than quantity and this is only possible with happy, contented cows.

We believe in keeping good products simple so do not use any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners in any of our chilled products.

Our milk is pasteurised but also non-homogenised. This means that the cream will settle out to the top of your milk which is great for coffee or in your porridge.  Whole milk is naturally full of flavour and goodness and a rich source of occurring vitamins and minerals.

Sustainability and the Environment

Knockraich Farm is committed to reducing our environmental impact. We work as a traditional, small, slow rearing and low impact, sustainable farm. The cattle are outdoor reared and grass fed. Our land is monitored to ensure that we are creating a positive impact by improving carbon sequestration and soil quality.

This year we are planting 300 additional meters of hedging and trees to provide a wildlife corridor between the Endrick River, the orchard at Knockraich and the woodlands at the foot of the Fintry Hills.

Our packaging has been selected to be resealable in order to reduce waste, re-usable to extend the life and function of the packaging and also to be fully recyclable at the end of its life.

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